For sellers, simply create your free account and tell us some details regarding your home. You will then be matched with a qualified real estate agent, who is local to your area and ready to sell your home for a flat $2500 fee that is paid at closing. Your dashboard will include all your agent’s information, the listing agreement, copy of MLS printout and inform you of what stage of the home selling process you are in. You will have additional professional services at your fingertips as well. All complimentary with your free account.

For buyers, our real estate agents represent you for free. Simply tell us you would like to get matched with one of our real estate ninjas and we will connect you. All our agents have been through an interview process and backgrounds checked – we are sure you will be well taken care of. They’re not called real estate ninjas for no reason!
For agents, we pay them for their services and help them build a bigger network of sellers and buyers. Agents are happy to work with us.