Decorating that first house can certainly be a daunting task. You’re still new to this part of your life, it’s a brand new place, and you haven’t had much experience figuring out the right ambiance.

Not to mention, buying a home often requires a sizable chunk of money upfront, which can hinder your ability to pony up for brand name furniture and decorations directly from retailers. That’s why we’re guessing you might need some help.

Have no fear. There are cheap and easy DIYs that let you add your own personal touch. We’ve listed some of the best of them below.

1. Have a cheap rug that just doesn’t do your floor justice? Use some fabric medium and acrylic paint to give it some style.

Via Upcycled Treasures

2. Want a cheap yet beautiful headboard? You can paint and frame a few doormats to create it.

Via Kara Paslay Designs

3. Or you can piece some old hardwood together for a warmer headboard. The DIY has parts one, two and three.


4. If you feel the need to create a portal to your dream world, you can paint an old door for your headboard.

Via My So Cal’d Life

5. Take a wood plank crate and place some legging on it for a unique side table.

Via Dwell Beautiful

6. You can also build your own crate for such a table.

Via Mayan Rocks

7. Frame a mirror in fabric to give it a warmer look.

Via Teal and Lime

8. Create a garland out of printable flowers to add a sense of liveliness to your wall.

Via Lia Griffith

9. Are your plants feeling drab about those boring pots? Cover them in rocks for some refreshing change.

Via Centsational Girl

10. This impressive ottoman is made from a utility bucket and some tough fabric.

Via Design Sponge

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